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    During spring the Nobel Museum signed up with HTC Vive and CLVR Works as virtual reality (VR) partners for the exhibition “Understanding Matter” in Dubai. The focus was to produce an immersive VR experience in the field of education with HTC Vive as sponsor and CLVR Works as the project lead. The...
  • Virtual Reality - The New Reality

    We believe major events, concerts and happenings from all over the world
    can be a part of an immersive experience directly from your home

    VR Consulting

    We help your organisation explore and understand the possibilities and opportunities in the Virtual Reality.


    How can your organisation reach, communicate and help your customers through a Virtual Reality medium?





    360 Production

    We take your event, concert or happening to your customer through a captivating virtual reality experience in 360 degrees.


    We capture, edit and produce vivid VR and 360 experiences consumed through Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard or your regular smartphone.


    360 Livestream

    We let your customers experience their favorite event, concert or happening live from home in a 360 degree immersive experience.


    We use the latest technology to customize the experience to your target audience from happenings all around the world. 



    Talks & Workshops

    We have a broad and deep understanding of the Virtual Reality field and how this together with other technologies impact our daily lives, today and in the future.


    We aim to inspire you with the best cases of today, our extensive experience and a little sci-fi from the future.

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  • The Rise of the Esport Generation

    2nd place in Sweden's first ever VR Film Festival

  • Advisory Board

    Rikard Steiber

    SVP Virtual Reality at HTC

    Simon Romanus

    Founder & CEO at Wonderworld VR

    Michael Werner

    CEO at Reversator AB

    Mattias Tengblad

    CEO & co-founder of Solur AB

    Emil Angervall

    Co-founder of Solur AB

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